About Us



When we began we wanted Tonino to have a wonderful and cozy environment, the kind of place you would like to hang out with your friends and colleagues from school and university during the day.As the years went by, we at tonino realized that you could use a crepes before a movie, or before going to class, or even have the best dessert in town with your family.

So we started to expand from location to location across the country.Our Menu consists of Delicious Sandwiches, Plates, Salads, Appetizers, Specialty Wraps, our traditional manakeesh and last but not least our CREPES!

We give you the best reason to get out of bed and head to the closest Tonino, but also its not just freshly made in the morning, we offer our Manakeesh during the day to give! So Tonino was born on 1990. Our first branch opened in Broumana next to Broumana High School, and our special Mankouche was available to all people passing the main road, students stopped their parents before heading to School for a Mankouche.

In no time Tonino was popular for its delicious Food in the area, serving people from 5:00am and throughout the day! It was named Tonino after what people used to call the place, it came from our customers, and we take this responsibility to serve our customers in the best way possible!